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SERMON OUTLINE > 9/18/16-The Danger of Living without God
9/18/16-The Danger of Living without God

Self-Centered Living…..

•   Stifles PRAYER.
>If you make your own desire the chief goal of your life, you need not EXPECT answers to prayer.

•   Makes you a friend of the world and an ENEMY of God.

•   Comes from the SINFUL desires of the flesh.
>Motivated by a longing for EARTHLY pleasure.

•   Results in spiritual ADULTERY against God.

•   Produces SLANDER, disparaging criticism of others.

Christ-centered living……

•   Comes from the GRACIOUS desire of God.

•   Motivated by a longing for ETERNAL satisfaction.

•   Results in submission to the AUTHORITY of God.

Grow in intimacy with God…....

•   Resist the devil FORCEFULLY.

•   SEEK God passionately.

•   Treat sin SERIOUSLY.

•   Trust God COMPLETELY.

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