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SERMON OUTLINE > 10/2/16-God’s Just Judgment On the Rich
10/2/16-God’s Just Judgment On the Rich

FAITH PERSEVERES: God’s Just Judgment On the Rich. (Ja 5:1-6)

Faith that lasts. . . . . .

•   Is CONFIDENT in the justice of God.
>He is coming to JUDGE the sinful.

For HORDING wealth…
o   Their treasures on earth would bring about their torment in eternity.

    For CHEATING workers…
o   Their possessions were accumulating while people were dying.

    For living in SELF-INDULGENCE…
o   They were overfed and unconcerned.

    For CONDEMNING men…
o   Their oppression of others would lead to their own damnation.

   He is coming to DELIVER the faithful.

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