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SERMON OUTLINE > 10/9/16-Facing Trials and Trouble Patiently
10/9/16-Facing Trials and Trouble Patiently

Characteristics of Perseverance…….

•   Is humble before the SOVEREIGNTY of God.

•   Is obedient to the WILL of God.

•   CONFIDENT justice God. Coming judge sinful and deliver the faithful.

•   Is PATIENT in suffering. .

>Like a farmer who is waiting for the HARVEST.

   Trusting in God with what you cannot CONTROL.
   HONOR God with what you can control.

>Like a prophet who SPEAKS the truth.

>Like Jacob who was seeking God’s BLESSING.

For God to Bless You……

•   God must DISABLE you.
•   God must change your IDENTITY.
•   God's FACE must shine upon you.

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