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SERMON OUTLINE > 10/9/16-Philadelphia: The Faithful Church(pm srvc)
10/9/16-Philadelphia: The Faithful Church(pm srvc)

The City……
•   Was the YOUNGEST of the seven cities.

•   Was founded to be a center of Greek CULTURE and language.

The Commendation….
•   The church was small in numbers, but had a POWERFUL impact on the city.

•   The believers did not deviate from obedience, proving the genuineness of their LOVE for Christ.

•   They remained LOYAL regardless of the cost.

•   The Christians PERSEVERED faithfully through all of their difficulties.

The Promises……
•   Their entrance into the blessings of SALVATION by grace was guaranteed.

•   The church’s enemies would be COMPLETELY humbled and defeated.

•   The church will be delivered from the TRIBULATION.

The Command……
•   The members of the church were to hold fast what they have—remain FAITHFUL.

The Counsel……
•   Eternal blessings to the one “who overcomes:”
>They will have an eternal place of HONOR in temple of God.
>Writing the “name of My God on him, the believer,” signifies that all true Christians BELONG to God.
>Christians have eternal CITIZENSHIP in heaven’s capital city, the New Jerusalem.
>Christ promises believers His “new name” which represents the FULLNESS of His person.

The Exhortation…..
•   Believers must obey the truths found in each letter of the SEVEN churches.

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