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SERMON OUTLINE > 10/30/16-Christian Citizenship and Faith
10/30/16-Christian Citizenship and Faith

Christian Citizenship and Faith (Romans 13:1-7).

Biblical principles of Christian citizenship….
•   We must respect government because its authority is a DERIVED authority.
>God alone is sovereign and holds ULTIMATE authority.
>All governments are in power because God has ALLOWED them to be.
>Governmental leaders called to certain STANDARDS.
>Governmental leaders are to represent God’s RULE on earth.

•   We must respect our government because it is God’s instrument to PRESERVE ORDER.

•   We must respect our government by being INVOLVED.
>STUDY the issues and then vote.
>Vote primarily for men or women on the basis of their values and their Christian INTEGRITY.

•   We must respect the government—as long as it does not conflict with our doing GOD’S WILL.
>Exceptions to our obedient submission to authority:
...We don’t obey laws that command us to do something that God clearly FORBIDS.
...We don’t obey laws that forbid us from doing something God clearly COMMANDS.

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