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SERMON OUTLINE > 11/13/16-The Root Cause of Chaos in America (2)
11/13/16-The Root Cause of Chaos in America (2)

Chaos in the Culture…..
•   There was no PEACE because many disturbances of chaos and conflict afflicted the land.
>All inhabitants of the land had gotten ENGULFED in the instability of culture.

•   Every kind and aspect of the chaos was caused by GOD.
>If God is your problem, only God is your SOLUTION.

•   Watching the devolution of the nation today is the PASSIVE wrath of God in high definition.
>When a nation legislates EVIL, it has gotten to the bottom of the wrath of God.

The causes of chaos…….
•   The TRUE God was missing from the culture.
>That set the stage for the exiting of God from His manifest PRESENCE.
>An idol is any noun, person, place, thing, or thought that becomes a source of perceived BENEFIT.

•   There was no TEACHING priest.
>They were preaching a religion FOREIGN to the Creator of their faith.

•   There was no LAW.
>Postmodernism simply sates that “there is no overriding ABSOLUTES that governs everything.

The Cure……
•   Turn and SEEK the Lord our God.
>The intentional distress is allowed by God as a WAKEUP CALL to the church.
>God is waiting on us to MOVE first.

•   The church must come together COMMITTED.

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