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SERMON OUTLINE > 11/20/16-Thanking Jesus for Passing By
11/20/16-Thanking Jesus for Passing By

Thanking Jesus for Passing By (Luke 17:11-19)

My Proposition………
•   No matter how disastrous circumstances or how devastating the situation, when Jesus comes on scene everything CHANGES!

When Jesus passed by……
•   The lepers were horrifically sick and in a HOPELESS condition.
•   The lepers were experiencing social ISOLATION.
•   The lepers were SEARCHING for Jesus and a miracle.

Jesus’ compassion…….
•   Jesus saw the condition of their HEARTS.
>His primary objective was to cleanse their SOULS!
•   Jesus’ PRESCRIPTION was for the lepers to go and show themselves to the priests.
>Jesus was saying “we are going to do things GOD’S WAY.”
•   The lepers obeyed Christ, were healed, and their lives were TRANSFORMED.
>Jesus’ POWER was greater than their problem.

The conversion…….
•   The lepers conversion was IMMEDIATE.
•   Only one leper HUMBLED himself and thanked Christ.

The promise……..
•   If you are still dead in trespasses and sins you can be raised to walk in NEWNESS of life immediately.
•   Jesus has the power to make you WHOLE today.

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