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SERMON OUTLINE > 11/27/16-"All in" for Christ
11/27/16-"All in" for Christ

“All In” for Christ. (Luke 10:25-28.)

My Proposition……..

The call of God on our lives is ABSOLUTE.

“All in” includes…….

•   Leaving EVERYTHING and following Jesus.
>Walk away from your old life and never LOOK BACK.

•   A radical rearrangement of your PRIORITIES.
>Decide unequivocally what the VALUE is of that which you want to possess above all else.

•   Treating the world’s WEALTH differently.
>Before you go “all in” with your entire life, be sure of your TREASURE.

•   Prayerfully COUNTING THE COST.
>Christ will want your time, resources, talents, your all DEVOTED to His kingdom.

Going “all in”……..

•   Prayerfully ask the Holy Spirit to give you a PASSION for Christ.

•   Prayerfully search the Scripture CONSISTENTLY for God’s wisdom, power, encouragement, and assistance to stay “all in.”

•   Prayerfully COMMIT and your life to Christ from this day on.

•   Beyond a shadow of doubt, KNOW, the call of God on your life is absolute.

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