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SERMON OUTLINE > 1/15/17-Dine with the Commander-in-Chief
1/15/17-Dine with the Commander-in-Chief

The Importance of the Lord’s Supper. . . . .

•   When you accept the invitation to participate in the Lord’s Supper you are DINING with Jesus.
>We are invited to come to HIS table.

•   We are reminded of our MISSION and why we are here as soldiers in the Lord’s army.
>We are here to remember that Jesus died to forgive our sins and CHANGE our lives.
>Our mission is to TELL others that they, too, are invited to dine with the Commander.

The Purpose of the Lord’s Supper. . . . .

•   The Lord’s Supper is for the Lord’s soldiers to come TOGETHER to dine with Him.

•   To prepare for BATTLE with our fellow and sister soldiers.
>We gain STRENGTH from our numbers and power from our unity.

•   To remember that our Lord and Commander paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we might LIVE.

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