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SERMON OUTLINE > 2/5/17-Give Account of your Stewardship
2/5/17-Give Account of your Stewardship

Importance of parable……
•   It is a tragic story of a servant of God who loses his power & anointing and ends up offering cut-rate GOSPEL.

•   There are Christians today, living under discipline of God because of poor STEWARDSHIP.

•   Stewardship has both EARTHLY and eternal consequences.

•   The Lord calls us personally to give an account to Him for all we have DONE and SAID while here on earth

A steward…….
•   A steward is one who is employed as an AGENT to transact business of another.

•   A steward owns NOTHING.

•   A steward is liable AT ANY TIME to be called to account for manner in which he's transacted business.

•   A steward can be REMOVED at the pleasure his employer.

Stewards of…….
•   The gift of SALVATION.

•   The gift of our CHILDREN.

•   The gift of our TIME.

•   The gift of our FAITH.

•   The gift of POWER.

•   The gift of MONEY.

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