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SERMON OUTLINE > 2/12/17-The Spiritual Power of Two Pennies (am)
2/12/17-The Spiritual Power of Two Pennies (am)

“The Spiritual Power of Two Pennies” (Luke 21:1-4)


•   Stewardship is judged based on what you have LEFT, not on what give.
Important lessons about Jesus and ourselves……
•   Jesus is watching every time you give and WHAT you GIVE.
>   Jesus did not FOCUS ON the rich, but zeroed in on the poor woman.
•   Jesus knows your TOUGH circumstances.
>   Jesus regards it as FIT and proper to give despite poverty.
>   Jesus doesn’t excuse a person’s biblical responsibility to HONOR God.
•   Jesus understands the VALUE of a sacrifice.
>   Sacrifice is motivated by LOVE.
>   A sacrifice forces you to depend TOTALLY on God.
>   A sacrifice surrenders ALL.

Receiving spiritual power……..

•   By giving from a HEART of love and thanksgiving for all God has done for you.
•   By giving CHEERFULLY.
•   By giving LIBERALLY.
•   By giving SACRIFICIALLY.

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