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SERMON OUTLINE > 2/19/17-Living on the Edge of Whatever Happens
2/19/17-Living on the Edge of Whatever Happens

•   God can make something out of NOTHING.
>If God can start off with nothing in nature, He can do the same with YOUR LIFE.
>We believe in a God who can make the IMPOSSIBLE possible.
>Your zip code may change, but your address IN CHRIST is permanent.
>The greatest challenge you will face is God's opening one door that you must GO THROUGH while other doors are more appealing or tempting.

•   You must live a life of EXCLAMATION, not interrogation.
>God can use you to further His Word WHEREVER you are.

•   The Holy Spirit choreographs our LIVES.
>Your place has been ESTABLISHED by the divine choreographer, that's why you can handle everything that comes your way.

•   Life is lived forward and UNDERSTOOD backward.
>If you live long enough and LOOK FAR enough, you can see why God has done some things.
>You have to TRUST Him and know that your life is in his hand.

•   Just as Jesus Christ lived a life of "whatever happens," SO MUST WE.

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