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SERMON OUTLINE > 3/12/17-The Lion and the Lamb (pm service)
3/12/17-The Lion and the Lamb (pm service)

REV 5:1-10
Key Observations. . . . .

•   God has absolute ______________ of all of the future and everything that happens in it.
>   The scroll represents the of God concerning what will happen in the future.

>   God wrote the script for what will take place and no one can CHANGE it.
>   The THRONE represents God’s right, authority and power to govern the world in the way He sees fit.

>   The COMPLETENESS of God’s rule and perfection of His decrees is signified by the fact that the scroll is written front and on back.

Key Lessons…….

>   We ought to SUBMIT to the authority of our King, our
Creator, and our Ruler.

>   A picture of God's sovereign rule over all that will
happen should bring us to our FACE in reverence and fear.

>   The life we are involved in on earth is SERIOUS

•   No creature in the universe is WORTHY to reveal and execute the final decrees of God.

Key Lessons…….
>   God’s love and mercy are shown because He will not open the seals of history without hands of SAVIOR.

>   Without Jesus in your life, all of life is meaningless and FEARFUL.

•   The SEVEN HORNS are the symbol of strength and power throughout the book of Revelation.

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