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SERMON OUTLINE > 3/12/17-Developing a Passion for Christ (am serv)
3/12/17-Developing a Passion for Christ (am serv)

Don’t Waste Your Life: “Developing A Passion For Christ.” (Phil 3:1-14)

One Truth:
God wants to raise up men and women in His church whose lives COUNT for His glory
on the landscape of human history.

Four Characteristics of Lives That Count. . . . .
•   They TREASURE Christ above everything this world has to offer.
>   Only treasure of life that counts: CHRIST.

•   They TRUST in Christ to provide everything they could ever need.
>   God delights in showing His greatness THROUGH those who trust in Him.

•   They PURSUE Christ with obsessive passion.
>   The question we ask: WHY follow hard after Christ?
>   The qualities we need:

-    A holy DISSATISFACTION with casual Christianity.
-   A fresh understanding of the DEGREE to which
Christ has followed hard after us.
-   A single-minded DISCIPLINE that governs our lives

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