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SERMON OUTLINE > 4/3/17-Living the Christian Life as a Blind Man
4/3/17-Living the Christian Life as a Blind Man

“Living the Christian Life as the Blind Man Sees It!”
(Lk 18:35-43)

The blind man’s life changing actions…….

•   By faith he capitalized on the opportunity GOD provided.

•   The blind man ignored DISCOURAGERS.

•   The blind man BOLDLY exercised all the faith he had.

Principles for living a life-changing Christian life……..

•   Faith is hearing and believing even when you cannot SEE.
>In faith the blind man took his DESPERATE need to Jesus.

•   When you seek to follow Jesus, RESIST people who try to hinder you.
>In the face of opposition, the blind man shouted all the LOUDER.

•   By faith believe that Jesus is never too busy to STOP for you.
>Jesus ALWAYS meets us at our point of desperation.

•   In order to live a changed life you must ADMIT your need.
>Never be afraid to ask God for something MIRACULOUS.

•   When you see the face of Jesus, BY FAITH, follow Him wherever He leads.
>If you hesitate, even for a moment, your OPPORTUNITY may be gone.

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