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SERMON OUTLINE > 4/16/17-The Open Door of the Empty Tomb!
4/16/17-The Open Door of the Empty Tomb!

Remarkable truths of the Resurrection……

•   Resurrection happened without intervention of another HUMAN BEING.

•   Jesus FORETOLD the Resurrection.

•   After the Resurrection Jesus never DIED again.

•   Jesus was resurrected in a CHANGED, identifiable body.

•   The Resurrection is the cornerstone of Christian BELIEF.

The Resurrection……

•   Provides a definitive way to escape our PAST.

•   Answers the most important question of life: Is there LIFE beyond the grave?
>There is ETERNAL life.
>Assures us that the living Christ gives us HOPE in the midst of hopelessness.

•   Changes the way we face our own MORTALITY.
>For the believer it is a matter of FINISHING well.

•   Changes the way we deal with the death of those we LOVE.

•   Opens the door with a new POWER and confidence for everyday living.

Resurrection responses……..

•   You can OPEN the door and invite Christ to save you.

•   You can WALK away from God’s gift of salvation.

•   You cannot NOT CHOOSE,

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