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SERMON OUTLINE > 5/21/17-God’s Truth Demands a Response
5/21/17-God’s Truth Demands a Response

"God’s Truth Demands a Response." (Matt 15:21-28.)

Faith’s positive response to God’s promises……..

•   Accept the PROMISE.
>The Saints of the Old Testament were commended for their faith because they SAW the promises.
>Take the promise into our arms and EMBRACE IT.
>Our acceptance of God’s promise is a commitment to OBEY.
>Seeing yourself as God sees you is the KEY to living, perfect, victorious faith.

•   Renounce all confidence in HUMAN resources.
>Perfect faith not only trusts God, it DISTRUSTS human abilities.
>We will never have faith in God’s ability until we renounce ALL FAITH in our own.

•   Face the problem but focus on the PROMISE.
>True faith becomes stronger when confronted with IMPOSSIBILITIES.
>It is the trial that determines the AUTHENTICITY of our faith.

•   REST on God’s faithfulness.
>It isn’t our PERFORMANCE that matters, it is God’s.
>When God makes a promise the RESPONSIBILITY is His.

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