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SERMON OUTLINE > 6/4/17-Windows of Opportunity
6/4/17-Windows of Opportunity

Windows of opportunity. . . . . .
•   Every Christian’s life is marked by windows of opportunity
that demand a RADICAL STEP of faith.
>God often brings windows of opportunity at times when you are DESPERATE.
>The Lord will bring you to the edge of a DECISION.
>At a critical point in life you will have a decision that pits OBEDIENCE against comfort or convenience.

Consequences of a Risk Free Life. . . . .
•   Remember where there is no:
>Risk there is no POWER or joy or intimacy with God.
>Risk there is no REWARD.
>Risk there is no PLEASING God.

•   All great Christians risk takers always have in common:
>They FEAR what might happen.
>They have faith to STEP OUT in spite of fear.
>They have God’s FAVOR, reward and blessing on their life.

Rejuvenating or sustaining your faith……..
•   Start with the LITTLE things.

•   Ponder the BIG things.

•   Remember the MAIN thing is pleasing God.

•   RECALL God’s Faithfulness.

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