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SERMON OUTLINE > 7/2/17-Why Would God Bless America?
7/2/17-Why Would God Bless America?

Genesis 12:3

God’s blessings of America…..
•   We have a godly HERITAGE.
•   Our land is blessed with plentiful NATURAL resources.
•   America is blessed with a FREE enterprise system.
•   We enjoy the liberty to speak our minds and WORSHIP as we choose.

America’s response…..
•   The sin of citizens who are SELF-CENTERED.
•   Removal of PRAYER and the Word of God from our schools.
•   America has legalized SIN that God considers an abomination.
•   America has tolerated LIBERALISM from spiritual leaders.

The Christian’s response to a disintegrating nation…
•   We are to live in PRAYER.
>Pray for both our LEADERS and the “peace of Jerusalem.”

•   We are to live CHRIST-like lives.
>EXAMINE our own life and live by God’s Word.
>Walk in FAITH.

•   STAND courageously and share the Gospel.
And God will continue to bless America….

•   Because of His GODLY people.

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