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SERMON OUTLINE > 7/23/17-Developing Great Christian Habits-AM serv
7/23/17-Developing Great Christian Habits-AM serv

Developing Great Christian Habits (Heb 5:11-14)

The Power of Habits
•   Mature Christians learn to live the Christian life in one FLUID motion rather than an awkward series of movements.

•   In order to experience the power of good habits, training in STERN self-discipline is first required.

•   Who you will be in five, ten, twenty years will be determined by the habits you CULTIVATE beginning today.

Six Good Habits that Cultivate Grace
•   Give to GOD the first and best part of your day.

•   Get the TRASH out of your life.

•   CLEANUP your own dishes.

•   WRITE down your responsibilities and opportunities.

•   Do the things NOW that “never get done.”

•   Turnoff the conditions that keep you from RESTING.

Practical Steps to Greatness
•   Identify one bad habit you have NEVER gotten rid of.

•   Write it on a sheet of paper & tell yourself it has to be BROKEN.

•   Ask God which one of the six good habits He wants you to DEVELOP first.

•   Ask someone to help keep you ACCOUNTABLE.

•   Don’t get DISCOURAGED with setbacks.

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