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SERMON OUTLINE > 7/23/17-Fifth Seal: Martyred Tribulation Saints
7/23/17-Fifth Seal: Martyred Tribulation Saints

Fifth Seal: Martyred Tribulation Saints (6:9-11)

The Fifth Seal…….

•   Marks the MIDPOINT of the tribulation.

•   Portrays a FORCE of the prayers of God’s saints.

The Persons….
•   Refers to the MARTYRS who have been killed in the last days.

•   John described the martyrs underneath the altar as SOULS.

•   The martyrs are the firstfruits of those who will be SAVED during the tribulation.

•   The martyrs will be slain because of:
?   The WORD of God.
?   The TESTIMONY which they had maintained.

The Petitions……..
•   The force involved in the fifth seal is the PRAYERS of the tribulation martyrs for God to enact vengeance.

•   God will respond to their prayers because their prayers were urgent and consistent with His PURPOSE.

The Promise…….
•   The long, brilliant white robes were a reward of GRACE.

•   God’s spoken word was an invitation for the martyrs to stop and enjoy Heavenly REST.

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