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SERMON OUTLINE > 8/6/17-Holding Onto Courageous Faith
8/6/17-Holding Onto Courageous Faith

Holding on to Courageous Faith. (Hebrews 3:1-6).

Gospel Truths of faith . . . .

•   You CAN walk faithfully and confidently with God---morning to night---all day---every day.

•   You cannot be faithful to God if you allow ANY unbelief take root in your heart.

•   Faithfulness is simply BELIEVING God will keep His Word.

Courageous faith……….

•   You do not ENTERTAIN the lies of the devil.

>Lie No. 1: "You're not making any SPIRITUAL progress."

>Lie No. 2: "God is not with you- you've GRIEVED Him away."

•   You allow God to EXAMINE and reveal His findings to you.

•   You know beyond a shadow of doubt that you have FULL ACCESS to the throne of God !

•   You never have to EXPLAIN anything to God.

•   You can just kneel before God and PRAY boldly:

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