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SERMON OUTLINE > 8/13/17-6th Seal: The Great Earthquake (pm)
8/13/17-6th Seal: The Great Earthquake (pm)

•   The REASON for fear.
>Each of the first 5 seals involved HUMANS in one way or another.
>The 6th seal will be so devastating and terrifying that it will be attributable ONLY TO GOD.
>This event will SHAKE the heavens as well as the earth.
>There will be six devastating and terrifying DISASTERS that will occur.

•   The RANGE of fear.
>There will be a great EARTHQUAKE.
>The SUN will turn as black as a mourner’s robe.
>There will be a total ECLIPSE of the sun and moon that will add more reason for the world to panic.
>An asteroid or meteor showers BOMBARD the earth.
>The earth’s ATMOSPHERE is affected.
>The whole unstable CRUST of the earth begins to move and shift.

•   The REACTION of fear.
>The debilitating fear will affect all UNBELIEVERS.
>The debilitating fear will embrace all CLASSES of society.
>The reaction of the unbelieving world to the terrors will not be REPENTANCE, but panic.

Not altogether hopeless……
•   The CHURCH will be delivered from that time.
•   Great multitudes will be SAVED.

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