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SERMON OUTLINE > 8/13/17-Comfort/Encouragement for Turbulent Times
8/13/17-Comfort/Encouragement for Turbulent Times

Comfort and Encouragement for Turbulent Times. (2 Corinthians 1:1-7)

Be Comforted and Encouraged……

•   God our Father is the God of ALL compassion, comfort and encouragement.
>God is intimately concerned in EVERY detail of your life.
>God’s compassion means that He FEELS your pain.
>God has a strong DESIRE to comfort, encourage, and sometimes alleviate or calm your troubled waters.

•   God is with you and working IN all of your troubles.
>God comes alongside of you to FORTIFY you.
>God can totally TRANSFORM the ruins or garbage of your life into a garden of His Grace.

•   God can use you to be a CHANNEL of His comfort and encouragement to others.
>God doesn’t comfort you to make you COMFORTABLE—but to make me a comforter!
>God fortifies you so that you can encourage others to TRUST Him.

Personal opportunities to encourage and comfort……..

•   Identify someone who is going through TURBULENT times.
•   Identify someone who has been a BLESSING to you.
•   Identify someone who has been struggling and come
ALONGSIDE of them.

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