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SERMON OUTLINE > 8/20/17-Learning to Trust God, No Matter What
8/20/17-Learning to Trust God, No Matter What

“Learning to Trust God, No Matter What!” (2 Cor 1:8-11)

God’s purpose for allowing suffering and valleys….

•   To make me FOCUS on God because He knows what’s really important.

•   To prove to me that I cannot RELY on my own strength to endure the valley experiences.

•   To teach me and convince me to confidently trust IN GOD ALONE—no matter what!

•   To teach me that throughout this Christian life I need the HELP of others.

•   To PREPARE me to help others who struggle through their own valley experiences.

Your scars……..

•   God uses our scars to tell a story of his love and FAITHFULNESS to others.

•   Scars are not finish lines of death, they are CHECKPOINTS of life along the way.

•   Scars are not a sign of weakness; they are signs of TRUST and survival.

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