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SERMON OUTLINE > 9/10/17-Rising from the Water
9/10/17-Rising from the Water

Rising from the Water: Isaiah 57: 14-21

•   God promises to revive, lead, heal, and encourage His HUMBLED.

•   God enables us to be the RIGHTEOUS people He has called us to be.

•   God is a TRUSTWORTHY refuge for people who truthfully seek Him.

Prepare to rise……...

•   Preparation makes it possible for people to RETURN to God.

•   God wanted His people to ACCEPT the obstacles in their path and trust their God.

•   UNCOMMITTMENT is a major stumbling block that must be overcome.

•   A committed heart is a DECIDED heart.

Rising from the water……

•   Come to Christ for REFUGE.

•   Turn your thoughts away from yourself and FOCUS on God.


•   SHARE your blessings with those having difficulty rising from the water.

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