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SERMON OUTLINE > 9/24/17-A Truly Life Changing Experience
9/24/17-A Truly Life Changing Experience

“A Truly Life-changing Experience!” (Lk 24:36-53)

Jesus’ life-changing offer……

•   Jesus offers you PEACE when you are troubled.
>Peace comes when you are willing to EXAMINE Jesus.
>Peace continues when you truly EXPERIENCE Jesus.

•   Jesus offers to open your mind to SCRIPTURES.
>The simple human mind cannot UNDERSTAND God’s Word.
>Reading and understanding God’s Word must begin with:
...A DEDICATED mind and heart.
...A WILLINGNESS to listen as God speaks.
>All Scripture is about JESUS.

•   Jesus offers POWER to be His witness.
>We must be filled with Holy Spirit power because God COMMANDS it.
>We must be filled with Holy Spirit power because God’s WORK demands it.

•   Jesus offers to REPLACE your sadness with joy.
>Happiness comes and goes but joy is DEPENDENT only on Jesus.
>When you have a truly life-changing experience with Jesus, joy will be a NATURAL witness.

Accepting Jesus’ offer……..
•   OPEN your heart to Jesus and His life-changing Word.
•   Ask Jesus to take your WEAKNESS and turn it to strength

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