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SERMON OUTLINE > 10/1/17-Holding on to Your Ebeneezer
10/1/17-Holding on to Your Ebeneezer

Holding on to Your Ebeneezer. (I Samuel 7:12.)

The memorial, Ebenezer, was set up….
•   To remember the PERFECTLY timed intercession of God’s help.

•   To remember how OFTEN God’s help when needed was provided.

•   To remember how often God allows us to arrive at the point of DESPERATION.

>To teach us the very truth about OURSELVES.

>To produce in us a perfection of our FAITH.

>To provide an occasion for a more impressive demonstration of God’s power and GRACE.

>To remember how COMPLETELY God’s help met our need and accomplished our deliverance.

•   To remember how much we OWE to God---everything.

•   As a permanent RECORD of God’s help and provision.

•   To ENCOURAGE ourselves in times of conflict and crisis.

•   As a TESTIMONY to others in similar circumstances.

Present and future challenges……

•   To BUILD UPON the stones others have left for our benefit.

•   To be used by God to become EVERLASTING monuments to God’s power and grace.

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