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SERMON OUTLINE > 10/8/17-The Heart of a Christian
10/8/17-The Heart of a Christian

“The Heart of a Christian” Romans 1:7-15
God’s calling…….
•   The ultimate purpose God’s calling is that the Christian becomes like Him in HOLINESS.
•   Holiness is the single GOAL that is to direct the life of every true believer.
•    Means that we are saints TOGETHER, set apart for God’s service.

The Heart of a Christian………

•   Is to be a THANKFUL heart.
>The growth of a church is always contingent upon the openness of believers to express their FAITH.

•   Is to be a SERVANT’S heart.
>God ALWAYS deserves our BEST.
>A servant’s heart results in total SURRENDER.
>Serving God is not our duty, but it is our PRIVILEGE.

•   Is to be a PRAYING heart.
>Without God’s help, even the most faithful person can FALL.
>Prayer is not just an act, it is a constant ATTITUDE.

•   Is to be a SUBMISSIVE heart.
>The Christian’s heart desires to do only those things which are GOD’S WILL.

•   Is to be an UNSELFISH heart.
>One reason we come to church is for MUTUAL encouragement.

*   Is an OBLIGATED heart.
>We have an obligation to SHARE the Good News.
>We have an obligation to give CREDIT to those who help us.

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