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SERMON OUTLINE > 10/15/17-Lion Chaser Opportunities
10/15/17-Lion Chaser Opportunities

Grabbing and Subduing Lion-chaser Opportunities.” (2 Sam 23:20-23.)

Lion-chaser lessons……..

•   Your greatest opportunities are often disguised as GOD-SIZED challenges.
>God-sized challenges cannot be faced without the supernatural POWER of God.

•   Your greatest fear to conquer is the fear of FAILURE.
>Fear and FAITH are mutually exclusive and cannot occupy the same place in your mind simultaneously.

•   Your greatest satisfaction in life will come from accumulating EXPERIENCES, not possessions.
>Real heroes and lion-chasers are the ones who willingly lay down their LIVES for others.

•   Whenever you TRUST God the reward outweighs the risk.
>What the world calls risky behavior the Bible simply calls it FAITH.

Take the opportunity……..

•   To acknowledge your “lion” and STEP OUT in faith to subdue it.

•   To pray and ask God to help you to CONQUER your fear.

•   To trust God to walk you through whatever “PIT” you are in right now.

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