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SERMON OUTLINE > 11/5/17-God-given Privileges to All Christians
11/5/17-God-given Privileges to All Christians

God-given Privileges to All Christians. (Romans 1:2-7.)

•   Christians are LOVED by God.
   God simply loves us because of who He is and not because of WHO WE ARE.
   Christians are loved by God in the same way He loves CHRIST.

•   Christians are CALLED by God.
   God’s GENERAL call is for all who hear to turn from their sin and trust in Jesus Christ.
   God’s EFFECTUAL call is specific by which a person hears and responds by becoming a Christian.

•   Christians are SAINTS.
   Being a saint always means being SEPARATED by God to God and to his work.
   Christians LIVE for God and work for God in this world.

•   Christians are the recipients of the GRACE of God.
   We must live SPIRITUALLY moment by moment drawing on God’s favor.

•   Christians are the recipients of the PEACE of God.
   When you became a Christian, God made peace WITH you.
   When you became a Christian, you HAVE peace with God.

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