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SERMON OUTLINE > 11/26/17-The Miracle of Thanksgiving
11/26/17-The Miracle of Thanksgiving

The Miracle of Thanksgiving (John 6:5-23.)
Giving thanks in face overwhelming needs
•   Do not PANIC.
   The disciples saw themselves as HELPLESS, as ones lacking ability and power.
   The sense of helplessness is often the beginning of Divine STRENGTH.

•   Throw away your SAFETY NETS.
   Safety nets are those JUST-IN-CASE solutions we
maintain in case the Lord doesn't come through.
   Needs reveal true object of our TRUST.

•   Keep your eye on the LORD.
   They became DISTRACTED from basic truths of

•   Choose to thank God for ALL things
   There was the miracle of the inadequate becoming more than ADEQUATE.
   There was the miracle of UNDERSTANDING.

•   Do it TOGETHER.
   Some lessons can be mastered ALONE, others are learned in fellowship with other believers.
   The Lord is allowing them to know their part in MINISTRY to the world.

Responding with thanksgiving…..
•   Experience the miracle of SALVATION.

•   Experience the miracle of LORDSHIP.

•   Experience the miracle of GIVING.

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