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SERMON OUTLINE > 12/3/17-Ignorance, Unbelief & Its Consequences
12/3/17-Ignorance, Unbelief & Its Consequences

Ignorance, Unbelief and Its Consequences! (Romans 1:18-25)
The Wrath of God……
•   Is currently, today, operative in the lives of the UNGODLY.
•   Anticipates God’s FINAL withdrawal from unbelievers.
•   Hell is the single greatest tragedy in universe.

Truth and reality of God.. . . . .
•   Every person has ENOUGH truth and light about God to know about Him.
God’s CREATION is a universal outward witness .
God has put in everyone’s hear a CONSCIENCE as an internal witness to Him.

•   Light REFUSED increases darkness.
When spiritual truth is REVEALED, you must use or lose it.
A darkened heart produces degenerate HABITS:
The WORSHIP of created things.
The dishonoring of their body through SEXUAL impurity.

•   Light OBEYED increases light.
Anyone who turns toward the light, gets CLOSER to God.
Anyone, anywhere who follows light they have can find the FULL TRUTH about God!

•   Every person will be JUDGED according to the light they had.

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