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SERMON OUTLINE > 12/10/17-Settling Out of Court
12/10/17-Settling Out of Court

“Settling Out of Court” Romans 2:1-16

Truths of Judging…….

•   There is a serious DANGER in judging others.
   Man’s judgment is BLIND.
   Man’s kindness leads to ABUSE.

•   God has called a “truce” on His Judgment, it is called REPENTANCE.
   The Bible always looks to the judgment as certain though not always IMMEDIATE.
   The VERDICT on the day of God’s Judgment will be either:
   God’s gift of ETERNAL LIFE.
   The RECEIPT of God’s wrath and anger.

•   The demand of God’s Law is that we be judged by ACTIONS.
   God’s demand is not to hear His word–but OBEY His word.
   A faith that does not issue forth in righteous deeds is NOT Biblical faith.
   God has written His law on every human heart—it is called the CONSCIENCE.

•   When you stand before God He will judge you IMPARTIALLY.

Settling out of Court.

•   When noticing the sin of others look first at YOURSELF.

•   Take the PLEA BARGAIN offered and settle “out of court.”
   Admit you are a sinner, GUILTY as charged by the Word of God.
   Put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ and LEAN upon Him for salvation.

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