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SERMON OUTLINE > 12/17/17-Shattered Dreams to Greatest Blessings
12/17/17-Shattered Dreams to Greatest Blessings

From Shattered Dreams to Greatest Blessings. (Matthew 1:18-25)

A SHATTERING discovery……
•   God’s plans for us are always BEST, even when they hurt us deeply.

A SOBERING deliberation.. . . . .
•   When life seemingly goes wrong from our perspective is the time when God can reveal our TRUE selves.

•   When life presents us with difficult choices, our duty is to:
    LISTEN to the voice of God.
   Seek to do the ONE thing He wants us to do in our situation.

A SATISFYING declaration.. . . . .
•   When dreams are shattered and hopes are dashed, trust that God is in PERFECT control.

•   It is from the wreckage of greatest hurts that God often builds FOR YOU the greatest blessings.

A SHOCKING decision.. . . . . .
•   True FAITH does not shrink from the call of God just because others do not understand.

•   True faith willingly puts aside its own DESIRES to do the will of God.
GIVE and TRUST God. . . .. . . .
•   Give to God your unanswered desire, broken dream, or persistent anxiety or DOUBT.

•    Trust God to TRANSFORM it to be your greatest blessing.

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