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SERMON OUTLINE > 12/31/17-The Gift of a New Day and a New Year
12/31/17-The Gift of a New Day and a New Year

"The Gift of A New Day and A New Year." (Luke 2:41-51.)

Achieving a blessed New Year…….
•   Some things never CHANGE!
Mary's question gives us the right to ask God, "WHY?"

* Best way to overcome regret and guilt, is to respond to the past struggles with TRUST.
We must respond with trust because:
God often answers our question in a way that we DON’T EXPECT.

Adversity that brings about a POSITIVE change is a good bad.

•   We should wholeheartedly RESPOND to the New Year with thankfulness and excitement.

Respond with thankfulness because each day is a GIFT from God.
Respond to the FUTURE with a sense of excitement.

Step into the future…..
•   Thank God for all the tough times, trusting that they had a PURPOSE.
•   RECOUNT the blessings that have occurred as a result of those tough times.
•   Think of something you can begin TO DO for Christ and do it.
•   Go beyond putting your life in His hands and put your ETERNITY there as well.

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