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SERMON OUTLINE > 1/7/18-The Marks of a True Believer
1/7/18-The Marks of a True Believer

The Marks of a True Believer. ” (Romans 2:17-29.)

Marks of EMPTY religion………

•   PRIDE: A religious person always says Look at me!
•   HYPOCRISY: A religious person has the attitude of “I know, but don't have to obey!”    

Examples of Hypocrisy.
To bear the Name God is a SACRED trust.

•   A religious person trusts in the OUTER trappings of religion.
   I have been BAPTIZED.
   I am on the CHURCH roll.
   I have been RAISED in a Christian home.
   I have been ACTIVE in church.

Marks of a TRUE relationship with God………

•   There is an INNER transformation of the heart.
•   There is the PURIFYING presence of the Holy Spirit.
•   There is a burning desire to PLEASE God.

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